GAF Timberline Roofing Products

​In keeping with the GAF Life Roofing product family, Timberline has distinguished itself as one of the top names in the roofing industry. With unsurpassed durability and advanced features, homeowners across Mineola choose Timberline more than any other roofing material. Whether you’re are seeking to substitute your old shingles or you are building a brand new home, you’ll be surprised how well Timberline products complement you home exterior.
Roofing and Timberline: A Partnership Designed to Last

Roofing contractors realize each products we utilize are equally as critical as how we implement them into any roofing system. Timberline offers customer satisfactions at its highest, and our roofing solutions improve the worth of your home. Timberline materials offer unmatched flexibility and an extensive collection of options to suit your personal taste and style. Whatever you are seeking, you can count on Timberline be there for you.Your house protects your family from wind, rain, snow, and hail. You don’t want to buy inferior roofing material that will can’t handle the harsh Texas environment. Timberline shingles provide unmatched defense from the Texas weather. They offer complete protection from the wind, rain, and other outside elements.

You can feel confident that Timberline will keep leaks seeping into the house and Mother Nature from penetrating the roof. Roofing will work with you to help you choose the right Timberline roofing products for your home.
​With Timberline you don’t have to worry about leak repair, roofing repair or the cost that comes with needless home roofing repair or home roofing maintenance. Although it’s important to undergo a home roofing inspection every 2-3 years, this is just to ensure that all the components of your roof are in excellent working condition.

Roofing Design the Timberline Way

​For home and business owners in Mineola, Texas, picking the best home products seems like a daunting task. Roofing contractors have been working with clients in East Texas for over 50 years. We help our customers through every phase of their new roofing project. We work closely with you through choosing your products, roofing design, roofing installation, and routine home roofing maintenance. We go over texture, color, features, contours, and sizes. This ensures that the job to completed to your exact specifications.

Premier Roofing System Installation in Mineola

​ Roofing contractors have the skill and training necessary to implement your roof just the way you want it. Whether your roof system is a basic layout or a little more involved, we offer fast, efficient service that gets the job done right the first time. We’re a Texas-licensed and Timberline-certified contractor in Mineola and East Texas.

Reliable – You can rely on Roofing to get the job done to your exact specifications.

Fast Service – We work in a manner that is fast and efficient. We don’t waste time.

Professionalism – Our workers conduct every job in a safe, ethical and honest manner. We offer friendly, courteous service with each of our clients.

Forward-Thinking – We are always on top of the latest products and technology so that we can deliver the type of results that today’s homeowners expect.