Eagleview Roofers in Mineola, Texas

​To offer efficient and accurate service to our customers, we utilize today’s technology on various roofing applications for both residential roofing and commercial roofing projects. Eagleview Pictometry provides cutting-edge solutions for taking measurements of any home or business property in East Texas. By using Eagleview, we can draw correct measurements for a broad range of different roofing installation projects. Before the job starts, we use Eagleview throughout the preparation phase to offer accurate measurements and give precise estimates. With this amazing new technology, our clients can now see what their new roof design will look like thanks to 3-D imagery.
Eagle-view Pictometry Offers Practical Solutions

Pictometry records high-resolution, geo-referenced images to enable you to create a foundation for roof construction or replacement. This enables one to have a much better idea of the way your top may appear based on the way you envisioned it. Analytics and digital imagery are instantly accessible through the LINK internet-based platform that can be integrated into other software programs. The option enables contractors to get a better understanding of the condition of the roof without having to leave their offices.

Eagleview and Xactimate Technology

Calculating the area of a property can be time-consuming. Eagleview and Xactimate technology automatically records and computes linear dimensions and square footage of the roofing, siding, windows, and other areas of the home. The Xactimate software can provide 100% accuracy of all measurements and dimensions of the current roofing project. Xactimate allows everyone to view the same information from different devices to communicate more efficiently.

The Benefits of Utilizing Eagle-view Technology

  • Aerial photographs of the home are captured and delivered to the Xactimate software.
  • The algorithms generate an interactive 3D product within all applications. From there it is possible to get precise dimensions of the entire property

How Can EagleView Help Homeowners?

​Outside of convenience and precision, there are additional advantages of using the Eagleview and Xactimate technology.

  • One of the best methods for clients to make an informed choice of what type of roof they want.
  • It enables projects to be completed by contractors quickly while speeding up the calculating procedure.
  • It gives both the homeowners and the contractor improved interaction from the same point of reference.
  • It allows contractors to provide pinpointed estimates without guessing

Review Storm Damage to the Roof

Are you experiencing leaks in your roof? Has your Mineola house recently been hit by a severe storm? If there’s any harm to your roofing, EagleView offers a bird’s eye view of all the areas where the storm damage occurred

We Provide Free Estimates

Since the new technology dramatically reduces the time and work associated with roofing inspections, it allows Roofing contractors to offer free inspections and move the process along more efficiently. Thanks to Xactimate and Eagleview, we can generate a layout of the room, draw on the measures from your specifications, and email you the preliminary results in no time at all. You appreciate knowing what your home will look like before we ever begin construction.