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​Thermoplastics (TPO) consistently set the standard for commercial roofing in Mineola. Known for its uncompromising durability, reflective features, and superior roof insulation, TPO is a top choice for the best roofing contractors in East Texas.

TPO Features and Benefits​

TPO is cut into sheet layers produced from a combination of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene polymers. The layers are reinforced with polyester. TPO is laid down a roof from large rolls that vary in size and dimension. It is hot air-welded together at the edges in order create seams that are both air and watertight.  TPO is attached to the roof by being adhered, fastened, or ballasted.

TPO for Your Mineola Commercial Roof

Commercial buildings have properties that require the use of higher-grade roofing materials than residential properties use. TPO offers the type of support and protection that commercial properties need to keep their building secure and insulated.

  • TPO membranes are given a white surface. This makes it UV-resistant as well as heat resistant. It insulates your building and reduces your cooling costs.
  • TPO is environmentally friendly. It meets or exceeds Environmental Protection Agency regulations. TPO is fully recyclable.
  • The membrane has an extended, smooth surface that makes it relatively easier to clean. It also minimizes dirt buildup over time.
  • You can choose from different levels of layer thickness. The thicker layers add more insulation and are more durable.

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How Does TPO Compare to Other Roofing Types?
TPO is still a relatively young product, about 20 years in the making. Because it’s new, it hasn’t been around long enough to test just how good it is. Still, there are some features of TPO that make it a solid choice over other roofing materials.It is a more cost effective product that is well worth the investment. It is also more durable than EPDM rubber roofing and offers flexibility for buildings in climates where the temperatures fluctuate. TPO is easy to install because it is very lightweight and flexible. You’ll save money in labor costs and also save time. TPO stands out as being an energy efficient solution for your entire building. It is UV-resistant and also reflects heat from the sun. The immediate benefit for your company is lower monthly bills each month.

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